Smart Home Technology and Security

Smart home technology and smart security have been implemented to increase the security of our homes. These technologies help you to protect your home and give you peace of mind even when you are far away from home. Some of the smart home technologies include;

  1. Biometric technology
    Most of the smart home technologies can be operated through the phone but in case one forgets the security code one may be forced to be locked out of his/her home and thus to avoid such inconveniences other smart technologies have been developed that are not dependent on the phone. Such technologies include facial recognition, iris recognition, and finger recognition.

a. Facial recognition technology
It involves mapping of the face, for example, the curves of the eyes, the distance between eyebrows or even the curve of the cheeks or chin. This usually helps to increase the security of the home.

b. Iris recognition technology This smart technology analyzes the unique pattern of the colored part of the eye which surrounds the pupils. This technology is now available on some smartphones.

c. Fingerprint recognition technology
This technology uses either capacitance or optical. In optical, technology involves taking a picture of the fingerprint digitally. While capacitance technology involves detecting conductivity between the layers of the skin that is inner and outer layer then form a picture of the fingerprint.

Security Cameras.
Digital security systems that have both indoor and outdoor cameras have been developed. It’s easy to monitor your homestead even from afar. The smart cameras on these security systems allow you to be able to check anywhere inside or even outside the house. Some of these cameras
even give time and date to the images so you can easily know when someone tampered with your property. Most of this security system is connected to the mobile so one can get alert in case of any incident, thus increasing the security of the homes. One can also set virtual boundaries around the home which when crossed you immediately get an alert on their phones.

Two-factor authentication
This is a technology that is used to make it difficult to gain access to an account or personal information since only the owner can key in the code or password. Two-Factor authentication requires two forms of security. For example a password and facial recognition and thus it becomes difficult for someone to breaking to your account or your home.

Smoke alarms
Smart smoke alarms have been developed that help to detect smoke in case of the occurrence of fire. Unlike the old smoke alarm that which used to go off after detecting the smoke so if you are far from home, you won’t know about any problem in your home, the modern smoke alarms can even talk to you or text you to inform you where the smoke is coming from and thus it’s easier to save your home. There are also water sensors that are used to sense water leakage before it damages you property. Just like the smoke alarm, a modern water sensor can also send you a text or talk to you. This helps to make the home more secure.

Smart doorbells have been equipped with cameras and thus you can see the person at your doorstep even if you are far away, some of the doorbells are even equipped with video intercom and thus you can even see and talk to the person at your door or gate. This smart doorbell help to increase the security of your home since you can clearly see the person on the other side and you can even talk to them without having to open the door. You can also answer the doorbell even when you are far away and if the person looks suspicious you can tell them that you are not interested as long as the phone has a good signal.

Smart locksSmart locks are a form of smart home technology that helps you to decide who gets in your house and at what time. You can assign a different code to different people and thus this secures your home. Since the smart lock is connected to your smartphone then it’s easy to monitor your home even when your far and also ensure all the doors are locked well.

There are many different types of smart home technologies and security systems available now to the public at lower prices. Some are great and others not so much. If you have any questions about these please feel free to reach out to our preferred provider Security Camera Installation Dallas TX for all your security camera and smart home needs!