Nashville Home Technology

Technology, in various ways, has proved itself as a boon for mankind. One such way is the security of individuals and their assets from intruders. With the increase in crime rate in several states of America, the installation of home security systems have become mandatory.

If we look into the crime rate of “Nashville”, then it is comparatively higher than its state “Tennessee”. In Nashville, the crime rate is 11.65% per 1000 residents for violent crimes and is 39.91% for property cases while in TN, the crime rate is 6.52% for violent crimes and 29.41% for property cases. Thus, there is a pressing need for home security systems in Nashville due to its increasing crime rate.
Well, we are bombarded with many smart home security equipment. So, it becomes easy to choose one or more from them as per our needs.

Glass break detector:
Criminals usually look for the windows to get into the house. To monitor such situations, glass break systems are best suited. These can be placed on the ceiling or on the wall where there is a window. These detect the sound signal produced upon breakage of glass or window.

Door and window microsensors:
Due to their small size, they often go unnoticed. This is one of the advantages of these sensors. These sensors can be installed on windows or doors where chances of intruders are high. These will send you the alert whenever the door/window is opened or closed.

Wireless touchscreen control panel:
You might be thinking about the purpose of the control panel. This color touchscreen with a built-in keypad allows you to monitor all the activities at just one click away. It can be installed at the main entry point for more convenience. This panel comes with features like police, fire, or any medical emergency. Whenever you require their assistance, you do not have to dial the numbers on your mobile phones instead, click the button on this panel. You will be automatically directed to that particular service.

Video doorbell camera:
You might have heard about this before. It is one of the most effective home security systems with its unique features. When the doorbell rings, you can see the person at the door through the internet-connected smartphone. Wherever you are, you can see them and even talk to them.

Security cameras:
Security cameras are found at home, office, streets, or other public places to ensure the security of people from attackers. One can keep a vigil eye by installing surveillance cameras in their homes. These cameras come with night vision mode and some also have in-built mic & speaker. These can be placed at any corner of the house, yard, or garage.

Motion sensor:
This home security system is effective in detecting any kind of motion. It can be installed at the entry of your main door to keep track of the various entries when you are in the home or away from home. If it detects any motion, its alarm will get activated and a signal will be sent to your system to take further action.

Image sensor:
This sensor works like a motion sensor by detecting any movement. However, along with detecting motion, it also takes the shot of the moment which activated the sensor. It is effective in both daylight and night mode. The shots are colorful when clicked in the day time and are in black and white when clicked in the night time.

Keyless door lock:
This is quite interesting which does not arise the need to lock the main door with the key. With the help of this system, you can lock the door from anywhere with your internet-connected smartphones.

Many intruders are smart enough to find the keys or duplicate ones to unlock the door. Thus, this keyless system helps to keep the intruders away from your home. You just need to set the strong codes to lock the door.
All of the above are some of the best home security systems that you can install for safety purposes from intruders. You have the full right to secure your home with these smart solutions. Make your children and older ones feel safe when you are not with them. Move a step further in making “Nashville” crime-free by detecting the crime and criminal with home security systems. Be sure to check out Security Systems Nashville TN for the most up to date security systems.