Managed IT Support

All businesses from large corporations to small startups rely on computers and technology to successfully run and grow their business.

One key component of any business is its network.

A network is essentially a link between two or more computers. When a network is working efficiently, information is transmitted quickly from one computer to another. This allows employees to communicate with each other on projects or enables customers to purchase products.However, a slow or broken network can cost businesses time, information, sales, and customers’ trust.

Like any technology, networks must be maintained to stay in good working condition. That’s where Network IT Support services can help.

Why Network IT Support Services Are Vital to a Healthy Network

Network IT Support services help maintain a business’s network to ensure all systems and connections are running smoothly, reliably, and transferring information efficiently.

Additionally, Network IT Support services can:

  • help businesses identify and conduct necessary network upgrades so their network keeps pace with technology advances,
  • maintain and update a network’s security,
  • test and problem solve network problems that may arise,
  • help scale IT needs to a business’s specific requirements as it grows.

Given the importance of having Network IT Support services, how does a business, especially a small business, gain access to these services?

Hiring Network IT Support Services: In-House Services Versus Outsourcing Services

Large companies often have the resources to maintain in-house Network IT Support services. This allows them to have an IT team dedicated to preserving and keeping their business’s network running smoothly and up-to-date. When a problem occurs, they have the staff on hand to assess and fix the issue. This can give them a competitive edge compared to small and medium-sized businesses.

But maintaining an in-house Network IT Support team is costly. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (url: indicates network and computer administrator positions require candidates to have a computer or computer science Bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree or certification. Additionally, Network IT Support teams need to stay current with technology advances to ensure that networks stay updated.

Maintaining a highly-qualified Network IT team on staff is not viable for many small and medium-sized businesses. While hiring one person for a company’s IT needs may save some money, this solution has downsides. What does a business do when a problem occurs while the IT person is on vacation or out sick? What if the problem exceeds the person’s expertise?

A common solution is to outsource all IT needs to a company specializing in managing IT services for businesses.

Benefits of Outsourcing Network IT Support Services

  1. Saves companies money

By outsourcing IT support needs, companies gain expert professionals without incurring costs associated with hiring a full-time staff member such as sick leave, paid vacation, and health insurance.

  1. Ensures IT services are provided by a qualified person

Without dedicated IT personnel, small and medium-sized businesses often have to pull individuals from their actual job to try and solve the IT problem. This can cause delays on projects and lead to frustration if problems persist for an extended period.

Outsourcing Network IT Support services can ensure IT problems are addressed by a qualified specialist who will be able to solve problems efficiently. Additionally, the IT management company can provide regular maintenance, which can prevent issues before they arise.

  1. Enables companies to customize Network IT Support services to their needs

Network needs are not one size fits all. Businesses will have different needs, and these needs will change as the company grows.

By outsourcing IT needs, companies can consult with Network IT professionals to tailor the type of services the company requires. This can add piece of mind for businesses that many not have the experience needed to determine specific Network IT services required.

Outsourcing Network IT Services Helps Even Small Companies Stay Competitive

Network IT services are critical to all businesses, regardless of their size. As more aspects of business become computerized and automated, companies will need to maintain their networks to ensure data is secure, systems work efficiently, and employees and customers can utilize a network without delays or breakdowns. This helps save businesses time and money, while building customers’ trust.

Outsourcing Network It Services allows even small and medium-sized businesses to maintain and build reliable networks to keep their business competitive and secure at a cost they can afford.

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